A socially oriented non-financial development institution and a major organizer of nationwide and international conventions; exhibitions; and business, public, youth, sporting, and cultural events.

The Roscongress Foundation is a socially oriented non-financial development institution and a major organizer of nationwide and international conventions; exhibitions; and business, public, youth, sporting, and cultural events. It was established in pursuance of a decision by the President of the Russian Federation.

The Foundation was established in 2007 with the aim of facilitating the development of Russia’s economic potential, promoting its national interests, and strengthening the country’s image. One of the roles of the Foundation is to comprehensively evaluate, analyse, and cover issues on the Russian and global economic agendas. It also offers administrative services, provides promotional support for business projects and attracting investment, helps foster social entrepreneurship and charitable initiatives.

Each year, the Foundation’s events draw participants from 208 countries and territories, with more than 15,000 media representatives working on-site at Roscongress’ various venues. The Foundation benefits from analytical and professional expertise provided by 5,000 people working in Russia and abroad.

The Foundation works alongside various UN departments and other international organizations, and is building multi-format cooperation with 173 economic partners, including industrialists’ and entrepreneurs’ unions, financial, trade, and business associations from 78 countries worldwide, and 179 Russian public organizations, federal and legislative agencies, and federal subjects.

The Roscongress Foundation has Telegram channels in Russian t.me/Roscongress, English – t.me/RoscongressDirect, and Spanish t.me/RoscongressEsp. Official website and Information and Analytical System of the Roscongress Foundation: roscongress.org.

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The third Eurasian Women’s Forum

13-15 October 2021
St. Petersburg, Russia
List of sessions
Женский забег
13 October 2021 08:30
The women’s race
Секретный ингредиент успеха женщины
13 October 2021 09:00
The Secret Ingredient of a Woman’s Success
Entrance by invitation only
«Мир активного долголетия: трансформация»
13 October 2021 09:00
A World of Active Ageing: The Coming Transformation
An ageing population is one of the biggest demographic challenges the world is currently facing. The UN has predicted that by 2050, people aged 65 and over will account for more than 16% of the entire population. And by 2030, the number of elderly people will reach 1.4 billion. Given these forecasts, it is already incumbent to identify new approaches to creating an environment that supports active ageing and offers good living conditions to the older population. How will society change as life expectancy increases? What reforms should be made to healthcare and social protection? What approaches to the provision of social services are most effective? What can be done to ensure that older people play a greater role in society? How can we ensure that skills and knowledge are passed down to younger people? What best practices exist in terms of female involvement in modernizing the active ageing system?
Международный телемост женщин – победителей стартап-тура и женщин – лидеров международных технологических и инновационных проектов
13 October 2021 09:00
International Video Conference Discussion of Women Prizewinners of the Startup Tour and Women Leaders in International Tech and Innovation Projects
Female entrepreneurs are behind numerous successful high-tech projects and digital platform initiatives, including in international e-commerce. They are also developing services through the use of artificial intelligence. These female driven innovative tech projects are emerging in response to an ever changing world. Supporting progressive ideas which are being implemented in part or in whole by women can help spur further development in interesting areas of technology, open up new markets, and inspire people who are just starting out on their entrepreneurial path. Many countries have startup tours which aim to popularize tech entrepreneurship, identify interesting projects which could be promoted further, and share experience. What global best practices exist for popularizing tech sectors among girls? What can be done to get more women involved in entrepreneurship? What assistance should be offered to help female tech entrepreneurs find investors? How should an idea be presented (and to whom) in order to find partners and like-minded people? What are the steps to bringing a project to the international market?
«Развитие волонтерства и студенческого движения»
13 October 2021 09:00
Developing Volunteering and the Student Movement
Throughout the world, the volunteering movement is continuing to develop, and is covering an increasingly wide scope. It is gaining new supporters — particularly among young people — and is one of the main manifestations of people becoming involved in society. Key projects are being implemented by volunteers across a wide range of areas. These include protecting natural resources, helping those in need, and running educational projects and programmes aimed at improving financial and digital literacy among the older generation. According to international experts, girls and women account for 60–70% of all people involved in these initiatives. The growing role of the student and volunteering movement, along with the support offered to it by parliaments and governments, are helping to address a number of social issues. What effective practices exist for supporting girls’ initiatives and projects at educational institutions? Could volunteering become an essential part of a girl’s professional growth? What are the best girls’ volunteering initiatives around the world, and what is the potential to adopt them more widely?
«Развитие и поддержка гражданских активностей и общественных институтов как основное условие успешной государственной политики. Международный опыт государственно-общественного взаимодействия»
13 October 2021 09:00
Developing and Supporting Civic Engagement and Public Institutions as the Key Condition of Successful Government Policy: International Best Practices in Public–Private Partnership
The 2030 global sustainable development agenda has placed particular importance on ensuring that women are able to participate in society fully and effectively, and that they are provided with equal opportunities to take leadership roles at all levels of decision-making processes, including in public life. Public organizations, including non-profits, play a key role in civil society, with women often taking leading positions. They are united by a sense of active civil involvement, social responsibility, and a commitment to traditional values. Women are spearheading key social initiatives and building platforms to help people share successful experience. In so doing, they are helping to strengthen ties between government and public institutions. What initiatives by female leaders to build civil society institutions have proven to be most successful? What are governments doing to help develop public institutions? How can successful experience by female leaders be employed in the development of civil society at an international level?
«Российские соотечественницы за рубежом»
13 October 2021 09:30
Russia’s Compatriots Abroad
Female compatriots are playing a leading role in implementing projects by the Eurasian Women’s Forum Council. A range of joint initiatives have been developed in recent years, focusing on the economy, science, culture, and charity. Dialogue between female compatriots is becoming increasingly important in efforts to build international cooperation, which can in turn help boost trade and economic ties. What role do women play in the development of international cooperation in the humanitarian sphere? What should be the priorities when implementing joint international projects in today’s reality? What could be done to make collaborative efforts more effective in this area? What is needed to build cooperation between international women’s communities when looking to implement projects in the creative industries?
В соответствии с отдельной программой, см. Приложение 1 к программе третьего Евразийского женского форума
13 October 2021 10:00
As part of a separate programme, see Appendix 1 to the programme of the third Eurasian Women's Forum
Фестиваль здоровья и красоты
13 October 2021 10:00
Festival of Health and Beauty
According to the supplementary programme
«Роль здоровья и красоты в повышении качества жизни женщины»
13 October 2021 11:00
The Role of Health and Beauty in Improving Women’s Quality of Life
To this day, a focus on health and an active lifestyle can be the key to success. For women today, keeping fit is essential across all areas of life. Leading a healthy lifestyle has become a global trend, and one which leading producers of goods and services are now focusing on. It is an area encompassing a range of factors which determine a person’s physical, psychological, and social wellbeing. What can women do to find time to focus on their health in today’s world? What can be done to cultivate a sense of self-care among girls? What standards for leading a healthy lifestyle are worth recommending to today’s women? How are health and beauty connected? What innovative solutions to help women feel healthy and successful currently exist on the market?
«Когнитивное здоровье: человек будущего – какой он?»
13 October 2021 11:00
Cognitive Health: Who is the Person of the Future?
Rapid digitalization, the development of artificial intelligence and biotechnology, and major advances in genetic research are contributing to an increase in people’s physical potential. In addition, people’s thought processes and intellectual capabilities are evolving in line with the rhythm and development of the world they inhabit. It has become essential to understand changes to people’s cognitive state in order to make accurate economic and social forecasts. What can be done to protect people’s cognitive health and ensure intellectual longevity? How can artificial intelligence and the digitalization of training processes better help train people’s intellectual capabilities, and across what areas? What are the risks, and what is the potential? It is possible to shape the intellectual capabilities of future generations? What does the future hold for the study of the consciousness? Who is the person of the future?
«Женщины – лидеры инновационных социальных преобразований»
13 October 2021 11:00
Women as Leaders in Innovative Social Transformations
New solutions and social innovations are playing an increasingly important role in addressing pressing issues related to improving people’s quality of life. At the same time, international practice has shown that female entrepreneurs are finding it harder to raise capital and promote their projects. Investors are continuing to view women-led startups with a degree of mistrust. What trends lie behind the development of innovative products? What projects are emerging at the confluence of science, technology, culture, and social initiatives? What programmes are facilitating the development of innovative thinking among girls and young women? What international best practices exist in relation to raising funds for innovative products developed by women? The session will include an announcement of the results of the EAWF Council’s Women Innovators Competition, which took place as part of preparations for the 3rd Eurasian Women’s Forum.
«Женщины в медиа: эффективное партнерство в информационном пространстве»
13 October 2021 11:00
Women and Media: Effective Partnership in the Information Space
The development of the internet and digital technologies has had a powerful impact on how information is created and consumed. Information sources have shifted to the media landscape, and the role of online media has grown rapidly. Where there was once a deficit of information, there is now a surfeit. New communication channels, media, and content creators have emerged. And consumers are displaying a preference for a specific group of newspapers, magazines, and online resources which are able to provide up-to-date and, crucially, accurate information. As leaders of tech giants, media outlets, and public initiatives, women are playing a key role in shaping public opinion across a range of topics in politics, the economy, and society. What role do women play in the spread of media and communication technologies? What can women do to help shape a media culture in the digital realm? What trends are characterizing the current transformation of the media landscape and media business? What can be done to encourage adherence to ethical norms in today’s media landscape? What successful examples of women in the media working with leaders of non-profit organizations could be rolled out to promote key women-led social projects?
St. Petersburg, Russia
+7 (812) 406 7470