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List of sessions
Новые конкуренты и новые альянсы. Финтех как драйвер развития конкурентного рынка
18 October 2018 10:15
New Competitors and New Alliances. FinTech as a Driver of Competitive Market Development
• The state and business: new tech services for companies and citizens • Banks vs IT — who’s catching up with whom? • Monetizing government data • Cybersecurity
Данные – новая нефть?
18 October 2018 12:15
Data – The New Oil?
• The value and potential of big data • The battle for data: rules of the game • Artificial intelligence • Data security: processing, storage, and transfer
Открытые лекции. Лекция Васанта Дхара.
18 October 2018 15:15
Open lectures. Vasant Dhar.
Talk by Vasant Dhar — When do We Trust AI?
Открытые лекции. Лекция Джорджа Вестермана.
18 October 2018 15:15
Open lectures. George Westerman.
Talk by George Westerman — Your Сompany Doesn’t Need a Digital Strategy
Open banking: за и против
18 October 2018 15:15
Open Banking: For and Against
• Banking as a service • Openness vs. security • Regulatory strategies
Эпоха искусственного интеллекта: прибыль vs этика
18 October 2018 15:15
The Age of Artificial Intelligence: Profit vs. Ethics
• The role of humans in the AI era • AI: advantages and risks • The ethics of artificial intelligence
Fast payments: мир и мы
18 October 2018 15:15
Fast Payments: The World and Us
• Approaches to building a system: is it better to create a new infrastructure or modernize an existing one? • Advantages of fast payment systems • What do participants, operators, and regulators need to do to make fast payment systems a success?
Круглый стол QIWI: «Необанки vs. традиционные банки»
18 October 2018 17:00
QIWI Roundtable: Neobanks vs. Traditional Banks
• Will traditional banks become a commodity, or are they being transformed into a new financial institution? • Perhaps they will also, as with FinTech, be able to find compromise in the form of partnership, and will develop in parallel? • What opportunities will the new business models open up for market participants? • New forms of monetization: «in house» vs. «out house».
«Цифра» для микрофинансирования
18 October 2018 17:00
Digital Technology for Microfinance
• A new platform solution for SMEs and credit providers • Russian FinTech companies’ experience of working abroad • IT technologies in scoring
Рынки капитала: победят ли роботы?
18 October 2018 17:00
Capital Markets: Will the Robots Win?
• Who is making market decisions: people or algorithms? • Is there a place for traditional tools in the markets of the future? • Are new technologies a threat or an opportunity for the current leaders in the sector?
Регулятивная «песочница»: игра без правил или правила игры?
18 October 2018 17:00
The Regulatory ‘Sandbox’: A Game without Rules or the Rules of the Game?
• Comparing experiences between countries • Initial results • Routes forward for the regulatory ‘sandbox’