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18-22 June 2019
Moscow, Russia

The Annual Meetings of the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) will be held in Moscow from 18 to 22 June 2019. The Meetings will include meetings of the Afreximbank Board of Directors and the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, which are closed to the public, as well as the Seminar and Meeting of the Advisory Group on Trade Finance and Export Development in Africa, including the Russia—Africa Economic Conference, which are open to the public. The event is organized by Afreximbank and by the Ministry of Finance, Russian Export Center, and Roscongress from the Russian side.

The Afreximbank Annual Meetings is a high-level event, bringing together political and business leaders from across Africa to discuss the issues of trade, industrialization, export, and financial stability and efficacy.

The Annual Meetings will be attended by over 1,500 delegates, including shareholders and bank partners, government representatives, members of the business community, and media representatives. The Annual Meetings are being hosted by the Government of the Russian Federation as a crucial stage in preparation for the full-scale Russia—Africa political summit and the accompanying economic forum, scheduled for October this year in Sochi.

Participation in the Afreximbank Annual Meetings, including the Russia—Africa Economic Conference, is by invitation only. To apply for an invitation, please fill out the registration form.

Applications to participate will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee and, if approved, applicants will receive an invitation and an information letter containing a login and password to their personal web office, together with details of the procedure for confirming their participation.

Media accreditation is available here.

More information about the business programme can be found here.

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+7 (495) 640 7827

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