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29 October 2018
Havana, the Republic of Cuba, EXPOCUBA Exhibition Center
List of sessions
Пленарное заседание бизнес - форума «Россия – Латинская Америка»
29 October 2018 12:30
Russia–Latin America Business Forum Plenary Session
Contemporary global geopolitical and economic challenges are creating new issues for governments to address. Russia and the countries of Latin America, which have embarked on efforts to modernize and diversify their national economies, are expanding cooperation at a rapid rate. Numerous joint projects successfully underway in the fields of energy, industry, transport infrastructure, and agriculture offer examples of economic complementarity. Which areas will be the new sources of growth in relations between Russia and Latin America? Could long-term projects create the conditions necessary to improve the stability of trade and economic links against a background of negative external factors and volatility on global markets? What solutions will need to be adopted to harness the potential of cooperation and secure a balance of interests?
Круглый стол «Россия – Куба. Новые горизонты сотрудничества»
29 October 2018 15:00
Roundtable. Russia–Cuba: New Horizons for Cooperation
Trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Cuba has been gaining momentum in recent years. The volume of trade is growing, tourist numbers are up, and long-term projects are being launched. Steps taken at the governmental level to encourage trade and economic links play an important role in this process. Which technologies, goods, and services offered by Russian companies will allow Cuba to successfully tackle socioeconomic development challenges? Which areas offer significant potential for cooperation? What obstacles make implementation difficult?