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The International Arctic Forum 2017

28-30 March 2017
Arkhangelsk, Russia

The Forum will take place on March 29–30 in Arkhangelsk at Northern (Arctic) Federal University and the Arkhangelsk Lomonosov Drama Theatre. The key theme of the event will be «People and the Arctic».

More than 1,500 people from Russia and other countries are expected to attend the Forum, including the presidents of Russia, Finland and Iceland as well as the vice-premier of China and the foreign ministers of Norway and Denmark.

The Forum’s business programme includes 13 main events during which discussions will be held on matters concerning transport infrastructure, electricity, international cooperation and socioeconomic development mechanisms in the Arctic region, including healthcare and human resource programmes, as well as the environmental safety of the Arctic zone and other pertinent issues.

Organizers have also prepared an eventful cultural programme for the Forum’s guests with more than 20 exhibitions, excursions and other activities.

Other events planned for the Forum’s side-lines include: the «Arctic: Made in Russia» International Youth Educational Forum, the Arctic Municipalities Forum, the Northern Forum Governors’ Summit and the Arctic Business Forum.