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Russia is getting ready to celebrate one of the most important dates in its history which will have its round anniversary in 2020. It is the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

As part of preparations for the celebration, active work is underway all over the country; an entire series of events is being prepared for next year.

The official 75th Anniversary website MAY9.RU, where you can find all the information, has already been launched.

MAY9.RU combines the functions of a news agregator and an information and education resource. It will inform of the memorial, celebration and educational events and offer a rich collection of archive materials, starting with historical information on key events of the Great Patriotic War, including photo archives of the war years, and all the way to the famous recordings of the Soviet Information Bureau read by Y. Levitan and an assembled archive of Victory parades of previous years.

MAY9.RU will be regularly updated with current news, historical documentaries, information on new events and so forth.

See the website for more details!

The Victory website has been in place since 2005, updating its content every five years.