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28 August 2019

Secrets of Japan revealed in EEF magazine

Japan is co-organizing this year’s EEF, and the country’s delegation will be headed by Prime Minister Shinzō Abe. Japan has played a significant and wide-ranging role in shaping the event’s business, cultural, and sporting programmes, with notable developments including sumo and judo competitions. Together, they will help lend a special flavour to the event, and encourage visitors to find out more about the unique way of life in Japan — a nation where tradition reigns to this day.

The magazine includes a report covering the journey from Tokyo to Kanazawa. It is a journey which begins in the Ginza District and Omotesandō Avenue — places renowned for their restaurants and boutiques — and of course Takeshita Dori, a focal point for anime fans. From there, it is on to Kanazawa, a city where traditional ryokan inns have been preserved. Ryokan inns welcomed guests as far back as 1,300 years ago, and tourists are invited to open-air hot-spring baths. In the small city of Takayama, visitors can see the only surviving shōgun castle and try local dishes abundantly seasoned with mountain herbs. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shirakawa is renowned for its houses with metre-thick thatched roofs. The entire family (frequently consisting of more than 30 people) lives under one roof, just they did thousands of years ago.

First-time travellers to Japan are advised to visit in spring or autumn, so that they can enjoy the blooming of the cherry blossom or the turning of the leaves of the Japanese maple. To find out more about things to see in the Land of the Rising Sun, read «Momijigari or Admiring Maple Leaves» in EEF 2019 magazine.

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