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29 July 2019
Vitaliy Milke

Vitaliy Milke on Continuous Education for Adults in Context of AI Technology in Russia

Éducation permanente is the French for ‘continuing education’. This concept was developed by French researchers in the 1960s inspired by ideas of cosmopolitanism, universal humanism, and the notion of a New Man.

Technology comes and evolves very quickly. Today, you can’t get one higher education and make use of it for the rest of your life. Many aspects of éducation permanente are associated with adult education that provides an opportunity to grow along with a rapidly changing world.

How can you change a field of studies and what is the potential of Russian professionals? Russia can boast great tradition of teaching physics and mathematics. However, it doesn’t mean that the industry of AI only needs professional physicists, technicians or mathematicians. There’s a huge gap between developers and users of the technology. There’s also a huge gap among those who develop the technology: coders vs. entrepreneurs. People who can act as a bridge between developers and consumers, between coders and entrepreneurs or clients.

There’s another important thing — how society sees an adult person being a student. A 35-year old post-graduate student looks strange to people. In the UK, the age of PhD students varies in a vast range from 25 to 70 years. We should change the attitude of society to a mature person in University classroom! People who want to do studies at the age of 35 and up to 60–65 must be encouraged in every possible way.

Vitaliy Milke,
Advisor to the President for Economy and Finance, JSC Business Alliance
PhD reseacher in Computer Science & Machine Learning

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