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26 December 2019

Roscongress Foundation: 2019 Results

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Construction in Russia 2018
This statistical compilation was prepared by the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation based on data from enterprises and organizations obtained through statistical monitoring and market investigations. The publication reveals the economic development level of the Russian construction sector.
Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Economy
The article in the framework of the national project «Digital Economy» analyzes the development trends and features of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Russia. The advantages of this sphere of economic activity in comparison with the use of other «breakthrough» technologies are considered. Attention is focused on the features of the third wave of business process transformation associated with adaptive business processes, which allow, using AI, to radically transform a business by processing big data in real time instead of performing a predetermined sequence of steps.
Expert opinion
Alexander Ivlev: Concerning China’s plans to build the logistic and economic system of the Belt and Road Initiative and Russia’s role in this project
Analytical digest
Outcomes of the XXVIII International Financial Congress
The Roscongress Foundation has published a summary of the outcomes of the XXVIII International Financial Congress. The descriptions of the sessions were prepared by finance specialists of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics who provided expert and analytical support for the Congress. The publication contains detailed descriptions of key discussions.