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Roscongress Blog

21 February 2020
Roscongress Sport Club and VTB United League basketball players face off in all-star match

A gala basketball match featuring leading business figures, renowned actors, and athletes has taken place in Moscow. Billed as a VTB United League all-star match, the event was organized together with the Roscongress Sport Club and incorporated into the sporting programme for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2020.

27 January 2020
Some interesting facts about Russia House in Davos

Some interesting facts about Russia House in Davos.

15 October 2019
Latest Russian Defence Industry Technologies to be Presented at Russia–Africa Forum

Leading enterprises from the Russian military-industrial complex will present their latest technologies at the exhibition of the Russia—Africa Economic Forum.

Interesting on the portal
Workforce of the future. The competing forces shaping 2030
In this report, the consulting company PwC studies trends shaping the future of work and suggests how individuals, the HR function, organizations, and governments could respond to these trends.
The Middle Class Formation and Development Problems in a Changing World
Now the theory of the middle class conflicts with world practice. The middle class is understood as the majority group of the population, which, on the one hand, has high social stability and tends to stabilize the formed social environment, and on the other hand, forms a request for modernization and transformation of the socio-political and economic structure. At the same time, the crisis of the neoliberal and globalization paradigm, the growing inequality in the world raises questions of rethinking the conditions of formation and development of the middle class.
Expert opinion
Kirill Komarov: “Nuclear technology is much more than just electricity”
Kirill Komarov, Senior Deputy General Director — Director, Development and International Business Unit, Rosatom State Corporation, on why many African countries are considering joining the nuclear club.
Analytical digest
Event Passport of the Region: Kamchatka
Event Passport of the Region is a new product of the Russian Convention Bureau. The project is aimed at attracting international events in key industries to Russian regions based on each region’s distinctive features. As an example, the first Event Passport of the Region — that of Kamchatka — was presented at EEF 2019.