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Roscongress Blog

5 February 2020
Andrey Kuzyaev
Technologies Without Borders

Russian private business is increasingly preoccupied with its social function — and enjoys the wow-effect from implementing proprietary technologies that improve the lives of millions of people. Andrey Kuzyaev, President of ER-Telecom Holding talks to us about partnerships with the state. By the way, the company was among the first partners of Roscongress’s Innovation Space project and is an active participant of the upcoming SPIEF 2020.

31 October 2019
Innovative Russian Projects at the Russia–Africa Forum

Participants in the Russia—Africa Forum had an opportunity to learn first-hand about the high technologies presented in the Roscongress Foundation’s Building Trust Area. Developers demonstrated their knowhow to visitors in the exhibition area, which was organized by the Innovation Space and the Innosocium LAB.

10 October 2019
Vitaliy Milke
Vitaly Milke on Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

The strategies for the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in many countries contain separate sections about ethical principles in the development of AI technologies. The AI Development Strategy in Russia also contains guidelines regarding the development of ethical rules for human and AI interaction.

8 October 2019
Aleksey Ulitenko
Alarm clocks will start coffee makers. Alexey Ulitenko about the Internet of things (IoT)

According to the analytics company Garnter, it is estimated that by 2022 more than 26 billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things. According to other estimates, this figure will be 100 billion. The relationships between people, between people and things, and between things will radically change our lives. In what way?