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Roscongress Blog

21 February 2020
Roscongress Sport Club and VTB United League basketball players face off in all-star match

A gala basketball match featuring leading business figures, renowned actors, and athletes has taken place in Moscow. Billed as a VTB United League all-star match, the event was organized together with the Roscongress Sport Club and incorporated into the sporting programme for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2020.

14 February 2020
Irina Abramova
Cooperation between Russia and Africa needs to be targeted

The Russia—Africa Summit and Economic Forum, held in Sochi in 2019, broke new ground in international relations. Russia considers cooperation with African countries to be a foreign policy priority. Russian businesses are actively making their way to prospective markets. Logically, the African track has made it to the agendas of the Roscongress Foundation’s largest events and will be discussed in June at the upcoming St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Director of the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dr. Sc. (Econ) Irina Abramova discusses the measures that should be undertaken for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation.

27 January 2020
Some interesting facts about Russia House in Davos

Some interesting facts about Russia House in Davos.