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Саламатов Владимир

Vladimir Salamatov

Head of the Department of Commerce and Trade Regulation at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University); CEO, International Trade and Integration; Chairman, EAEU Business Council on Trade and Economic Cooperation with the PRC and other Priority Trade Partners
EEF 2019
Including the Far East in Global Value Chains: Effective Strategies
I would like to break down the difficulties we must overcome today when forming chains into several elements. The first element would be traditional barriers. The second one is the simplification of customs procedures and the implementation of the one-stop principle. And, of course, there is a very important issue related the rules of origin and their application. <...> We have looked at all the existing statistics and come to the conclusion that lowering the barriers to value chain creation can lead to a five-percent increase in foreign trade, and that simple duties zeroing will result in a four times smaller effect