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Improving Access to Energy Infrastructure: Applying the Experience of Major Cities to Create New National Standards
27 February 2017

Given the current economic situation that has arisen due to the global economic crisis, the issue of improving access to energy infrastructure has become increasingly important both for business and for the nation as a whole. Over the past three years, thanks to ongoing work to improve the regulatory framework and to implement a road map to expand access to the country’s energy infrastructure, Russia has been able to move up the rankings in the World Bank’s Doing Business index, climbing 135 positions in the Getting Electricity indicator. The ease of doing business in Russia was assessed by aggregating the results for two of the country’s cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. How can the experience of Russia’s two largest cities be turned into a new standard for the entire country? Will electricity distribution companies be able to keep up the pace set by the leaders under current circumstances? What role do federal and regional regulatory agencies, as well as local government agencies, play in the implementation of new accessibility standards for energy infrastructure? What are the prospects for a similar programme that has been launched to facilitate connections to gas distribution networks? How do consumers rate what companies have done?

Russian Investment Forum
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