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From Carbon to Oxygen: The Economy of a New Era
25 May 2018
The global economy is setting new trends and dictating new working conditions in the Russian forestry industry. What will drive its development, and what direction might investors choose as they identify their market niche? How can the realities encountered by project initiators, such as environmental concerns, high-tech innovations in production, the availability of raw materials, and reforestation commitments, as well as costly credit lines, best be addressed? How can market participants capitalize on the current opportunities? How can the environmental responsibilities of producers and consumers be balanced in selecting and transitioning to new biomaterials in construction, trade, and energy? What could stimulate businesses and the general population to use environmentally responsible wood materials, as has been the case in developed economies, and as these materials become increasingly important in a world still dominated by concrete and petroleum-based products? What is our contribution to living conditions for future generations?
Started at
Conference hall
Congress Centre, Conference Hall B1
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