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Women in Russian–African Relations: Gender Balance in Politics, the Economy and the Social Sector
24 October 2019

Developing female entrepreneurship and leadership is currently of interest in every region of the world and is discussed at platforms of leading international organizations and associations. According to forecasts, women’s full involvement in the economy will allow global GDP to reach USD 28 trillion by 2025, which is equal to that of the Chinese and US economies combined. On average, a woman in Europe currently earns 15% less than a man working in the same position. This gender gap is even more pronounced in Africa and Asia. In 2019, Russia presented an integrated systemic development model entitled ‘Women and the economy’ at UNIDO, which was formed on the basis of best practice in Russia and beyond. What are the best measures to support women today? What can be incorporated into the economies and social sectors of Russia and African countries to give impetus to the development of economic rights and initiatives for women?

Russia- Africa Economic Forum
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