• Developing event concepts
  • Finance management
  • Working withpublic authorities
  • Partnership policy and attracting sponsor funding
  • Event advertising campaignsin Russia and abroad
  • Building up the event audienceTargeted work with participant groups
  • PR and media relations management
  • Servicesfor participants
  • Business services
  • Congress management
  • Multimediasupport
  • Cultural business servicesand sporting programme
  • The Roscongress Foundation for partners
  • An event concept which is carefully developed and properly planned and implemented guarantees the success of an event.
    We regularly plan and implement successful event concepts.
    We know what paperwork is needed and what business processes must be described.

    • Project organization charts
    • Event organization and management schedules
    • Zoning plans for event venues
    • Event programmes, exhibition programmes
    • Participant quotas and groups
    • Regulations and terms of reference
    • Comprehensive venue design planning
    • Visual identity for events and exhibitions
    • Financial and legal paperwork
  • Budget planning is an important element in preparing for an event.It requires a comprehensive grasp of all the expenses that might be involved in holding a congress.
    We will minimize unforeseen expenses. We plan cash flow and payments to contractors to avoid liquidity shortages and we prepare all financial accounts after an event.

    • Preparing event budgets
    • Managing event budgets
    • Receiving funds from participants and sponsors
    • Making payments for the venue and to contractors
    • Managing financial accounting
    • Preparing financial accounts after the event
  • Public authorities commission many of the events we organize and hold.
    We are skilled at working with ministries and agencies regarding both protocol and internal procedures.

    • Preparing meetings of organizing committees and working groups
    • Obtaining government contracts
    • Conducting business correspondence
    • Securing approval for prepared paperwork and scheduled deadlines
    • Preparing and submitting reports and accounts after the event
  • Sponsors are the principal source of financing for most events.
    We know how to work with sponsors and how to gain their interest. We know what sponsors expect from organizers as regards promoting their brand name.

    • Drawing up a list of potential sponsors based on the event topic
    • Developing sponsorship packages, drafting agreements

    • Key communications with sponsors, concluding agreements
    • Monitoring discharge of obligations to sponsors
  • A well-designed and well-planned advertising campaign draws attention to an event and increases the number of participants.
    We develop a brand manual for your event, create a website, and work with the Foundation’s media partners and the wider media community to launch an advertising campaign.

    • Promotion at Russian and international events: presentations to potential participants, working with speakers, holding bilateral meetings, business breakfasts, media assistance
    • Joint projects with international partners abroad
    • Working with media partners
    • Developing a visual identity
    • Creating advertising materials, press materials, souvenirs, and accessories
    • Creating and placing advertisements
    • Outdoor advertising
  • We know how to make participants happy.
    We appoint personal communications managers, provide complete and timely information, warmly greet guests, quickly issue conference badges and conference materials, provide quality services at the event venue, offer a quick and high-quality catering service, and create comfortable conditions for work and communications.

    • Building up a database of potential participants for use when sending out invitations
    • Sending out invitations
    • Accepting applications for participation (setting up an e-registration system)
    • Preparing and sending out thank-you letters to all participant groups
    • Inviting foreign delegations and working with them throughout the event
    • Concluding participation contracts and registration fee contracts
    • Maintaining databases and preparing reports on participants
    • Awareness-building work with participants
  • Quality work with the media is not about glowing press reports but annual increases in the quality and number of event participants!
    • Setting up an International Broadcasting Centre:
      • Host broadcasting
      • Setting up stand-up positions
      • Setting up a sector for television and radio broadcasting companies at the venue
      • Setting up parking for satellite broadcast vans and TV broadcast vans
      • Setting up live broadcasts from the event venue
    • Organizing media logistics at the venue; developing, if required, a media pool system on site
    • Liaising with newsmakers’ media offices and the media offices of the federal executive authorities, and providing comprehensive media accreditation at events
    • Organizing and holding press conferences, briefings, agreement signing ceremonies, media scrums, and interviews
    • Preparing and distributing information materials for the media: announcements, press releases, after-event press releases, photos, and videos
  • Hotel accommodation
    • Special hotel rates for participants
    • Partnerships with hotels and tourist companies. Attractive prices and high-quality service
    • Information points at hotels for the duration of the event
    We provide various types of on-site catering: coffee breaks, lunches, dinner events

    • Selecting a menu, establishing catering logistics before events
    • Equipment, furniture, and dinnerware for catering zones, professional serving staff
    • Managing the catering process during events
    • Logistics planning: creating a transport network; routing management. Centralized transport control
    • Securing transport from official sponsors, local governments in Russia’s regions and cities, and transport companies
    • Setting up a vehicle access system based on transportation passes of different categories
    • Organizing taxi services for the event, providing an official taxi service
  • We help you set up the infrastructure needed to hold business meetings and negotiations at the event venue. We can significantly increase the space for your event.
    • Setting up Business Networking Platform: an e-system for making appointments in a specially equipped networking area
    • Information and services points providing participants with up-to-date information about events and standard services
    • Protocol and organizational assistance, including agreement signing ceremonies
    • Meeting and interview rooms, and live media stands at the event venue
    • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting during the business programme, interpreting services for negotiations
    • Audio and video recording, event photography
    • On-site planning and management of the event
    • Selecting, preparing, and managing the venue
    • Constructing and equipping turnkey temporary business infrastructure facilities
    • Comprehensive venue design
    • Selecting contractors and temporary staff, ensuring complete work cycles
    • State-of-the-art congress technical equipment for business infrastructure facilities
    • Developing and obtaining approval for venue access control systems
    • Fast-track accreditation
    • Ensuring and monitoring venue security

    • We are skilled at rational venue management
    • We can provide a high level of service in managing conference halls, business networking areas, and catering facilities
    • We have considerable experience in working with construction businesses and conducting technical inspections of construction works
    • We have developed standard agreements and established stable working relationships with many contractors that provide quality services at attractive prices
    • We hire, outfit, and train temporary staff
    • We are able to attract a large number of experienced specialists for on-site work
  • We develop and implement concepts for multimedia content aimed at increasing the information intensity and effectiveness of your event.
    • Creating video presentations using, among other things, 3D technologies
    • Setting up Info TV at the event venue
    • Setting up teleconferences
    • Setting up video broadcasts of events on the Internet, at the press centre, and in the on-site business networking areas
    • Creating videos and films
    • Preparation and promotion of a cultural events programme

    • Conclusion of agreements with contractors

    • Development of a draft cultural programme and sports entertainment
    • Coordination and monitoring of contractor activities
    • Partner and sponsor programmes
    • Special projects and presentations
    • Organization of joint Russian and international events
    • Special themed sessions
    • Themed awards and award ceremonies
    • Participation as speakers/moderators
    • Participation in exhibitions
    • Organization of B2B and G2B meetings
    • Organization of turnkey press events, agreement signing ceremonies, presentations of new products or technologies, briefings, press access events, and interviews
    • Themed lounge areas
    • Networking areas
    • Cultural, entertainment, and sporting events
    • Modern art areas
    • Product placement
Why choose us?
  • We save you time

    Organizing the Forum and other congresses is both interesting and time-consuming. Our team includes over 50 professionals ready to take care of the organizing on your behalf.

  • We can help you to minimize risks

    Organizing a congress is a complicated technical task. Poor execution can seriously harm one’s image. With us, you can be certain of success.

  • We know how to keep participants satisfied

    We know how to properly establish dialogue with participants and organize their event experience so that they leave in good spirits and with the intention of returning.

  • We save you money

    Highly effective budget planning allows us to minimize costs while maintaining quality. Long-term collaboration with suppliers has allowed us to secure advantageous rates and optimize many of our business processes.

  • We are always improving efficiency

    We host top-level events incorporating the latest technologies. We constantly keep abreast of the latest trends and make use of new technologies and formats.