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WE MUST MAKE FLOWERS: The World Famous Designer Fabio Novembre at WFYS Shared His View of What a Modern Design Should Be

What should modern design look like and what – the past, the present or the future – should professionals be guided by? Participants of the panel discussion titled Cultural Code in Design. The Influence of The West on The World Design sought Answers to these questions the on October 18th. A world-famous designer and architect Fabio Novembre was the headliner of the discussion. His every visit to our country causes quite a stir. The platform of the International Festival of Youth and Students was not an exception: Novembre attracted a full house.

Speaking at the session, the Italian designer noted that an artist should not operate with the concepts of the past or the future, but must be fully in the present.

“We forget that the main time is the present, here and now. Designers must seize and reflect the fact of now”, emphasised Novembre.

He advised young professionals to be sensitive to all the realities of today.

As one of the founding fathers of Italian design said: “I am not against, I am not for – I am with. This is a revolutionary statement, which saves us from having to choose. We take it all”, the designer remarked.

“Creative work inevitably connected with the artist, the events of their life that shape the personality. Everything you do must be biographical. If this is not so then you are doing something wrong”, Novembre said.

In turn the creative director of the CTRLZAK Art&Design Studio Thanos Zakopoulos directed the attention of young designers and architects to relevancy and ease. In his opinion, any successful work of art should be comprehensive – have artistic integrity and be properly presented to the public. Then it will make sense for both – my grandmother and the professional critic. I am convinced that if an object does not speak to the entire audience then it cannot be called a piece of art, - the designer declared.

The discussion concluded with a question: What is more important – form or content?

“Answering this question Novembre used flowers as an example, the image of which is often used by artists. In nature flowers reproduce when an insect, attracted by their beauty, collects nectar and spreads pollen. So the beauty, charm of a flower generates life. This is exactly what the design should be like: beautiful and with the right filling. We must make flowers”, he encouraged.

«Мы должны делать цветы»: всемирно известный дизайнер Фабио Новембре рассказал молодежи на ВФМС, каким должен быть современный дизайн