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In the face of increased uncertainty and high volatility of markets, it is important to ensure the financial stability of the economic system so that it would efficiently allocate resources and prevent negative effects of the downturn from spreading to the real sector of the economy or to other financial markets.
Economic cooperation and integration
Multilateral economic organizations and regional integration have become the hallmark of international economic relations of our time. States establish free trade areas and unite in customs and economic unions to maximize the effect of international trade, investments and the production potential of national economies. The number of integration organizations registered with WTO is already 2.5 times greater than the number of its members.
Five Questions About Blockchain Technology
The potential of blockchain technology is far greater than the creation of cryptocurrencies. Its introduction will enable economic and technological advances in a range of different fields. And Russia can lead this process.
Regional development
The state regional policy is aimed at ensuring a balanced development of the subjects of the Russian Federation and reducing the differentiation in the socio-economic development of the regions and in the quality of life of the population.
Talking about language
At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Roscongress social platform and the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation will present a joint project. The first stage will take place in summer 2018 and conclude at the Eastern Economic Forum in September. The topic: social communication and the mechanisms for making it happen.
The state determines the general vector and strategic tasks of the country's social and economic development, and also guarantees a balanced development of separate territories, markets, industries and spheres of society.
Drivers of growth
The limited factors of economic development, as well as the high level of socio-economic differentiation in different regions of Russia, make it difficult to ensure uniform development, hence the urgency of building a development model based on identifying drivers of growth.
Global Issues
The challenges and the risks of global development require comprehensive international cooperation and joint solutions and carry both new opportunities and new threats.