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Innovation infrastructure
The pace of innovation, as well as the attractiveness of research activities, depends not only on the level of technological development of the country, but also on the conditions that accompany innovation. Innovation infrastructure, represented by research institutes, universities, innovation and technology centers, technology parks and other organizations, provides financial, organizational, informational and consultative support to innovation activities, which increases the effectiveness of innovation and creates the necessary conditions for unlocking the scientific potential.
Финансовые технологии: новые инфраструктурные возможности на рынках капитала
FINTECH DECODED: Capturing the opportunity in capital markets infrastructure
Technology has long been the engine driving capital markets efficiency—both for investors in the markets, and for the capital markets infrastructure providers (CMIPs) that operate the exchanges and other trading venues, central counterparties, securities depositories, index providers, and data and analytics companies. More lately, fintechs are bringing new technologies to market even faster and with a greater impact.