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Economic Inequality

Underlining issues and social impact of growing economic inequality in economies.   
Synopsis on the topic
Напряжённость в мировой торговле может перерасти в экономический спад к концу 2019 года
World trade tensions may escalate to economic downturn by late 2019
ACRA presents its Russia 2023 Economic Outlook Update and Alternative Scenarios prepared in the context of increasing global trade tensions. In this publication, ACRA also analyzes factors that influence catching-up growth in middle-income economies, including Russia.
Европа под огнём вторичных санкций США
Europe Under Fire from US Secondary Sanctions
This report of the Valdai Discussion Club gives the authors’ opinion about the US policy of exploiting their status as a global economic center to gain economic power and use coercive measures on a global scale, in particular against the European countries.
Общественное благо или частный капитал
Public Good or Private Wealth?
This report by Oxfam International addresses the problem of global economic inequality between rich and poor, and between men and women; it also suggests methods of fighting inequality.