International events

137th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is the oldest international parliamentary organization and has been active since 1889. Today it unites parliamentarians from 170 countries and includes 11 inter-parliamentary associations as associate members. The fundamental goals of the IPU are to strengthen the position of parliamentary institutions in all countries, peacefully resolve disputes, and build international relations on the principles of equality, respect, and consideration of mutual interests.

The Assembly, which convenes twice a year, is the supreme body of the IPU. Sharing the goals and principles of the IPU, Russia will host the 137th IPU Assembly on 14–18 October 2017 in St. Petersburg. The main events of the business and cultural programme will take place at major congress and cultural venues in St. Petersburg that fully comply with IPU requirements – Tavricheskiy Palace, the Parliamentary Centre, ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre, and the New Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre.

The agenda of the 137th IPU Assembly will include issues of peace and security, sustainable development, finance and trade, democracy, and human rights. The Assembly will serve as a platform to develop international parliamentary contacts as well as a free and substantive exchange of views.