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3-6 October 2018
Moscow, Russia

Russian Energy Week International Forum (‘the Forum’) was established by order of the Russian Government No. 2026-r, dated 27 September 2016, with further changes instigated by order of the Russian Government No. 438-r, dated 16 March 2018.

In 2018, the Forum will be held from 3 to 6 October in the Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’ in Moscow.

The Forum is being held to demonstrate the prospects of the Russian fuel and energy industry and unlock the potential of international cooperation in energy. The Forum will serve as a platform for a discussion of the main challenges faced by the energy sector and topical problems involving the development of:

  • the gas industry;
  • the oil industry;
  • the coal industry;
  • petrochemistry;
  • electricity;
  • energy conservation and increased energy efficiency.

The first ‘Russian Energy Week’ Energy Efficiency and Energy Development International Forum was held in 2017, immediately becoming the most important energy efficiency event in Russia or abroad.

The central event of the business programme was a plenary session entitled ‘Energy for Global Growth’, which included an address by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

All in all, the REW 2017 business programme comprised 45 events in Moscow, featuring 279 speakers and moderators. The REW 2017 events in Moscow were attended by people from 94 different countries.

REW 2017 Youth Day concluded with a session titled ‘Energy and Youth Initiatives 2018’ and an informal meeting with Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.