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Десятый российско-азербайджанский межрегиональный форум
The 10th Russia–Azerbaijan Interregional Forum

The 10th Russia—Azerbaijan Interregional Forum, which aims to develop business relations between the two countries’ regions, will be held in Moscow on 22–23 November 2019. The Forum will be organized by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and the Azerbaijani Ministry of Economy.

22-23 November 2019
Moscow, Russia
V Российско-британский бизнес-форум
V Russian-British Business Forum

The 5th Russian-British Business Forum will be held on 27 November 2019 in the capital of the United Kingdom, London. The event is organized by the Russian Trade Delegation in the United Kingdom and the Roscongress Foundation. This year, it will focus on Digital Industries and Infrastructure.

27 November 2019
London, Great Britain
«Русский дом» в Давосе – 2020
Russia House in Davos – 2020

Russia House — the official Russian residence and a multifunctional platform for business meetings, negotiations, and informal networking aimed at business leaders, prominent politicians, economists, academics, and representatives of the creative professions during the annual World Economic Forum (WEF).

20-24 January 2020
Davos, Switzerland
Форум «Здоровое общество»
Healthy Life Forum

The Healthy Life Forum is the result of the Roscongress Foundation’s yearlong work on the Healthy Life social project, which was created to help find and develop practical proposals for national projects aimed at increasing the healthy life expectancy of Russian citizens.

12 February 2020
Sochi, Russia
Российский инвестиционный форум – 2020
The Russian Investment Forum 2020

The Russian Investment Forum — is a traditional platform for presenting Russia’s investment and economic potential. The Forum is held with the participation of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

12-14 February 2020
Sochi, Russia
Петербургский международный экономический форум – 2020
St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is a unique event in the world of business and economics. SPIEF has been held since 1997, and since 2006, it has been held under the auspices of the President of the Russian Federation, who has also attended

3-6 June 2020
St. Petersburg, Russia